About Us


London based Creative Media Production Company.

We are a London-based Creative Media Production Company that works with clients to produce digital video content of the highest quality.


We offer a variety of different services; from promotional videos and wedding films, to documentaries and features.


Videos are no longer a luxury when it comes to marketing a business. Promotional videos used to be reserved for the organisations that could afford to advertise their products & services on television. Nowadays, promotional videos for businesses are seen pretty much as standard practise – and they are indeed a great way for companies to entice new customers. You can also use videos in a number of ways – including incorporating them into your social media pages as well as your website, too.


The foundations for our company were set in our aim to make video production accessible and affordable to all, whilst retaining high quality production values. We never settle for less.

We Are


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How It Works

We know that not everybody understands the creative process of how a video is made and that hiring a video production company can be quite a tough task. Wider Horizon want to make the process as simple and easy for you to understand, so down below is an easy guide to how your video will get made. Click the different tabs for more information on each stage!

First Contact

Find the service that you want and get in touch by sending us an email ([email protected]) detailing your project. The more information that you tell us, the quicker and easier it is for us to then reply to you.

Response & Discussion

Once we receive your email we will get in touch as soon as possible so we can discuss your idea further. We will tell you how we can help and what we can do to help fit your requirements. In most cases we like to be able to give a quote and if we can then we will, just so you know what to expect.


Once the plan and quote has been agreed we can get the ball rolling, and make a proper start on the project. Plans will be put into place, arrangements will be made and we can then start to filming the production.

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When filming has finished, we will review all of the footage to make sure that everything is perfect and that we have all that we need to work with. We will then use industry standard software to edit together the footage to make the final film.


We can deliver the project to you in your desired media format, depends what suits you. You may want it as a DVD, Blu-Ray, a Digital Download or maybe even a mix of all three.

That’s It!

That is the process of how we work. We understand that video production isn’t everybody’s expertise so it could seem a bit daunting, but we hope that this has cleared things up.

Now that you have heard about us, why don’t we hear a little about you and your idea?