Corporate Videos


Organising a special conference? Hosting a guest speaker? We can offer great multi-camera coverage of the day, presented online in it’s entirety – or, as we usually suggest – cut down to a highlights video, which will be much better paced and polished to present on your website & at future events/conferences.

We can also bring along a sound technician who will focus solely on recording great-sounding audio to accompany your corporate film – we usually recommend this, particularly for large-scale events.

One of the key selling-points of our corporate video services, is our fast turn-around times. We understand the need for businesses to share their events online as quickly as possible, and usually finish corporate videos in around 2-3 days.

The scale of corporate events can vary, so the requirements will differ from video to video and due to that it is difficult to come up with a direct quote without knowing more about the set-up. If you let us know more about the event and the video you are seeking then we should be able to put together a plan and a more detailed quote.

Prices from £500 (exc. Vat)

A panel from a Gazelle Colleges conference, of which Cathy Walsh OBE is speaking.

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