Documentary films can be produced for a number of reasons; purely as factual entertainment, for promotional purposes, or as educational tools for use in schools, colleges and universities. We have the ability to be able to shoot documentaries into a variety of different styles. We shoot everything we do in Full HD, so there will never have to be a worry about what the final product will look like. If you really want then we also have the ability to shoot in an impressive HD night-vision, which we understand is fairly specialist or niche but at least the option is there!


We love documentaries and all forms of factual production whether we are watching or producing so this is a particular genre/service that really interests us. One of the best things about documentaries is down to the fact that the topic can really vary between each project, and once you start digging deeper and deeper into said topic the more entertaining it becomes. We have had a variety of experience with documentary production work in our time, so please check out the examples of our work.


Adding onto the such extreme variety that documentary work can bring then it is impossible to give a direct quote without knowing more about the idea and what you may want produced. However, there a few things we can expect from this style of video production service and we know that £500 (excluding VAT) will be the bare minimum of any form of documentary that may be produced.


Prices from

£500 (exc. VAT)

A piece of shrapnel that was inches away from hitting Victor MacKenzie in the head during WWII

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