Welcome To Our Portfolio Page!

We have a mixture of videos, ranging through the different services that we offer so click the tabs below, hit play and enjoy. This page will be updated every time we have a new video, so don’t forget to check back to see more of our work.

How To Install A MF Casoline Ceiling

MACS Plasterboard Systems commissioned us to create a series of training videos which will be used to help train their new recruits. This is the first video in the series that we produced, wrote, shot, edited and conceptualised. This video teaches the viewer how to install a MF Casoline Ceiling in a easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Retanol Xtreme – Quick Drying Floor Screed MACS Plasterboard Systems are working alongside German Chemical firm PCT Chemie to bring revolutionary product Retanol Xtreme to the UK Construction sector. Retanol Xtreme is an additive used when producing a floor screed to dramatically speed up the drying time to only a couple of days.

Constructing the Future We were commissioned by Barking & Dagenham College to produce a documentary in which we get a brief look at the construction industry.  In this film, we get a look at what happens on site, also industry leaders give their views on how construction has changed. In addition, we find out how Barking & Dagenham College are helping to preserve the industry’s future.

D-Day…A Reflection A commissioned documentary about the D-Day beach landings. We have an exclusive interview with War Veteran, Victor MacKenzie and due to his experiences has some rather great stories to tell. In addition, we tour HMS Belfast, which is especially relevant as it is one of the vessels used during the war. Finally, we went to a cafe in Hastings to get a taste of what food and drink would have been like during the war.

Emel Michael – EP Listening Party Emel Michael introduces her new EP, “Not Afraid of Heights”, with a live listening party in London. In this short music film we catch up with Emel and get a taste of how the event went.

BVE 2015 BVE is massive event held over 3 days at London’s ExCel. It boasts multiple free seminars for those with an interest in the creative media industries. There are also stalls for distributors and manufacturers to show off some the latest and best equipment the industry has to offer. We were able to film a brief review video of the annual event in 2015, and we even spoke with legendary filmmaker Phillip Bloom.

Mother Language Day The 21st February is also known as Mother Language Day, a day in which people celebrate their first language. This video was made with Barking & Dagenham College’s Student Union, to help promote and help recognise the different mother languages around campus.

Corporate/Conference video produced for Gazelle Colleges. This is one of our earliest pieces of work – and, whilst we are responsible for shooting the majority of the footage seen here, we also played a huge part in the post-production, too. With over 35 hours of footage, captured with multi-camera set-up, we were asked to turn said 35 hours into just 5 minutes of highlights. This is the end result.

Media at BDC We created a series of promotional videos for Barking & Dagenham College, to help promote the courses that they run. One of the course we were asked to make a video for was the Creative Media course. This is the final version of the video.

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