Post-Production Facilities

Post-Production Facilities


Post-Production (editing) services are typically included with all of our quotes, however if you are already in possession of some footage/material* (for example, raw holiday footage, or even your next big film project!) then we are able to help.


We use the latest editing software to help add the extra added touch of quality to your production. No post-production job is considered to small for us as we want to help make sure that post-productions facilities are available to all who may require it.


We could edit your material together into something impressive that you will be happy with. To find out how we can help or to get a quote then contact us!

We only ever use industry standard software when it comes to a post-production facilities, assuring that you will get a professional well polish video. We use the latest and most up-to-date version of Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Whether it is editing the video with Premiere Pro, recording voiceovers in Audition, creating graphics in Illustrator or adding in special effects in After Effects. So there really are a number of different applications that we can use to help add that extra special touch to your post-production job. In our experience Adobe offers the best software for productivity. With Adobe dynamic link it increases the workflow seamlessly as each piece of software integrates perfectly and works hand in hand. 


*You must own all of the copyright to any material/footage that you have


We only use the best when it comes to our Post-Production work. Everything we use is apart of Adobe Creative Cloud.

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