Converting Promotional Video Content Into Profit

Converting Promotional Video Content Into Profit

We are often met with questions like “isn’t it really expensive?” and “does it really do anything?”. Videos can be produced to suit the budget of almost anybody, and they are great marketing tools when used correctly.

Of course, it is our job to say that videos are great, affordable etc. so we wanted to go out and look at some independent research and reports conducted by external sources which really show how effective videos can be. What we’ve found shows that it could in fact be more expensive for you not no utilise videos, as they are a tried and tested way of improving sales.

The above information is from a survey conducted by ‘Flimp Media’ in 2013, so what can video content do for you and your business?

‘Marketing Donut’ reports that “video market research company ‘Invodo’ has found that over half of customers feel more confident about buying a product or service after watching a video.”

This is interesting. As consumers we do many of these things without even realising. For example, when we are looking to buy new filmmaking equipment, one of the first things we do is head to YouTube to check out test footage and review videos. We will then visit trade shows or retailers to test the product before eventually making a final decision. It’s common now for people to follow a similar pattern when making buying decisions, especially in the current financial climate – people want to be sure they are not wasting their money or making a bad choice with their money, they also want to know that they can trust the business they are dealing with.

‘Dreamgrow’ lists “8 reasons why your business should use video marketing”, and the first of these focuses on SEO. They go on to explain “no business can stick to age-old marketing methods, lest it wants to lose valuable customers to other businesses that are adapting. The major search engines now give a lot of value to video content. If your website or business has a video and an article about the same keyword, chances are your video will rank higher every time.”

So we know it works, but how?

With the best will in the world, if you upload your promotional video to YouTube or another similar platform and wait for people to watch it – the chances are they won’t. How do they know it’s there? Why should they watch it? It’s down to you to share the video with your audience. This could be through social media channels by simply posting it to your already existing followers, or you could incorporate your video into some paid marketing campaigns. This is the best way to get your video seen, and also secure a real return on your investment. While your followers may enjoy watching your promotional video, the reality is we are looking to generate sales, and that will happen most effectively not by showing your existing customer a video, but by attracting new ones.

You can reach a substantial amount of people at very affordable prices through digital marketing (Facebook, Google Adwords etc.), Facebook has fantastic targeting tools, which allows you to pinpoint who will see your ad which means you are making the most of your spend.

One thing that we have learnt is that less is more with video. We have had clients who have insisted on a promotional video being 6+ minutes in length, this can become a difficult thing to manage. It’s important that the client is happy, yes – but what’s more important is that the video serves it’s purpose. Would you sit and watch 6-10 minutes of video online? It could be argued yes, depending on the product – if you are looking into buying a £50,000 camera then you would probably happily sit and watch a one hour review video, however we wouldn’t watch 10 minutes of promotional content about why we should buy a designer shirt or a certain type of hair gel. Generally speaking,  a minute or 2 should what is aimed for when producing a promotional video.

To conclude, video is a tried & tested means of generating leads and sales in the modern business world. With the right concept and a small spend to boost your videos social media presence, you can return fantastic results for very little outlay.

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